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Mathieu Sylvestre - France

Mathieu Sylvestre - France
Tel. +41 78 886 07 46
Mathieu Sylvestre's work focuses on bringing noise music a plastic and physical/corporal approach.
The sound is loud and makes matters and bodies vibrated. The air takes a solid dimension.
Mathieu Sylvestre is an autodidact musician based in berlin since 2010. He came to Noise Music after 10 years as lead singer and guitarist in rock music field.
With guitars, cello or contact microphones he now experiments music as sounds and noises to make appeared the origin of vibrations as sounds with straight analog ways.
The live version of this approch is allways based on improvisation and live experiments in order to allows energy to come up and let possibilities wide open.
After about 100 shows since 2010 in Europe and the U.S this work is constantly enriched by different contexts and places.
The live piece has been evolving show after show and reinforced structures of extrem sound textures to the core of vibrations and focuses on bringing noise music a plastic and physical/corporal approach.
On the other hand, Mathieu Sylvestre composed sound tracks for visual artists as Wolfgang Petrick (D) or Saskia Edens (CH) and work to provide music/noise piece in collaboration with Performance artists on live shows with Frédéric Krauke (D), Risa Takita (JP), NoMass -contemporary dance group- (GR), Physical Poets -Butoh- (JP) etc. and composing sound pieces for Non Grata (Est) multimedia art books.
Mathieu Sylvestre performed in several performance festivals and art events, in art galleries as musician or performance art artist. He has also been involved into Diverse Universe European Tour since 2012.
And as claimed Ron Whitehead: "Listen listen listen to the droning mesmerizing exploding noise guitar of Mathieu Sylvestre as he creates and performs the soundtrack for the performance art.

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