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Teresa Riemann - Deutschland

Teresa Riemann  - Deutschland

Teresa Riemann was born in 1988 in Dachau, Germany.
Sprung from the dark caves of the collective german subconsciousness, forging an outlet via the Berlin Noise scene, Berlin based musician, writer and performance-artist Teresa Riemann explores, through her creative output, the darkness and even more-so the light, which can be found in the spaces we like to keep locked up far away from where anybody can see them. 
Playing drums, guitar and piano, Teresa Riemann is also a skilled vocalist. Her provocative and sometimes brutally unflinching exploration of all sides of life might make you sick, but in the process you will be coughing up the poison; you will feel better afterwards. 
Being attracted by every attempt to break existing laws about "how to do this right"  this curious mind always seeks the full, uncensored expression, seeks to be free in every second and challenges the consciousness of the audience instead of reproducing patterns that have been acknowledged and lost a lot of their primary energy. Time can never be poured into concrete, nor life. 
She perceives her performances as explicitly political. In her eyes, unpolitical art is just the numb affirmation of the existing and in no cogitable way neutrality. Therefore, every examination on the stage is necessarily a political one.
Since 2011 she has been organizing and staging numerous concerts, readings and performances in off-spaces from Poland to Tunisia.

Every dogma is a coma.

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